About Us

The journey of Bhushan International started in 1985 with a vision to create employment in Bihar. KSB Limited (erstwhile KSB Pumps Limited) decided to explore opportunities for submersible pumps, industrial pumps and other products in Bihar in collaboration with us and together we changed the way people and industries thought about water resource management. This relationship has grown and we now provide end - to - end water management solutions - from taking it out from depths of our Earth to recycling and reusing it.

The industrial growth in Bihar hinted towards need of having a strong brand in the compressed air business. In the year 2000, we collaborated with ELGi and together we have captured over 50% of market share in the compressed air segment in the state. ELGi and Bhushan have become synonyms and have grown together with a common goal of providing best products and services to the customers.

Bhushan International is also proudly associated with ATS ELGi and ION Exchange India Limited.

Bhushancorp Pvt Ltd: Parent company - Bhushan International

We are at your service always, for over three decades now!


The company aims to be the most preferred place to work and to become a sanctuary of talent for people of the region and a high performing team evolving as the vendor for technologically advanced, high-quality solutions, and premium services for all industries in our business territory.


The company believes that its personnel are at the heart of everything it does. That’s why at every step of the way, the company is committed to creating an environment of growth and development where its personnel can thrive to shape a better tomorrow.